Craftsmen since 1886

From business cards and holy pictures created with an antique hand or platen press to top quality catalogues printed with BIGamut "three-dimensional" effects or illuminated manuscripts reproduced with innovative printing techniques.

Our story begins way back in 1886, in Verucchio, when Domenico Pazzini, set up a commercial printing firm for public institutions with a hand and platen press

Years later, in about 1923, his son Eugenio joined the company, having first studied as a printer-typesetter at the Istituto Salesiani in Faenza. A dialect poet himself, it was Eugenio who founded the publishing house that issued its first volume, Poesie Giocose, in 1927.

Right up to the 1960s the company remained a small craft workshop when Pier Giorgio helped the company take a vital step forward into industrial printing by masterminding the changeover from typographic to offset printing during the seventies and also purchasing the company’s first 4-colour, 70x100 printing machines.

In 1998, Filippo, a fourth generation Pazzini, began investing in a modern pre-print department offering CTP and digital printing technology.

The experience gained in handling files over recent years has also led to invests in cross media publishing, while maintaining the company’s age-old love for books and printing.

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