Discovering the present to write the future

Research and Development are fundamental tools that we use to meet the daily challenges presented by the printing and communications market.

In this sector, new techniques and state-of-the-art work flows are an opportunity for creating diversification in relation to competition and constructing concrete means for demonstrating our enviable know-how.

Our R&D team has worked for years on a wide range of ambitious, pro-active projects

To achieve them we use innovative processes that enable us to create special chromatic effects and finishes that have hitherto been impossible at an industrial level.

Bigamut printing

This stochastic screening technique allows us to achieve a larger CMYK gamut with the same quality as hexachrome techniques by creating a three-dimensional effect that guarantees an extremely sharp image.

Digital UV Painting

Grazie a sistemi di verniciatura digitale di ultima generazione possiamo nobilitare i prodotti, in modo flessibile e veloce aggiungendo verniciature UV a rilievo o a zona. Tutto senza dover ricorrere alla classica stampa serigrafica risparmiando così tempo e costi.

Page aging

Today we can age a volume by using a complex process that treats each individual page, recreating the wrinkled effect caused by dampness and the feel of real vellum.

Illuminated manuscripts

Printing a facsimile does not mean simply creating a high-class print. It means reproducing the brightness and brilliance of the "lapis lazuli blue" in the original.