A genuine concern for the environment

We have always worked together with the Valmarecchia region in which we are based.
This is why we have always sought to cut energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions and safeguard the environment.

Most of our energy comes from photovoltaic systems, the paper we print on originates from correctly managed forests and our car fleet is powered by low pollution fuels

Forest Stewardship Council® certification

Our FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council® certification guarantees that the wood fibre our paper is made from comes from responsibly managed forests that comply with strict environmental, social and economic standards. Consequently the products that originate from them, like the paper we print on, comply too.

Being FSC® certified means guaranteeing both a high quality production process and the traceability of the materials used and we do just that.

The latest generation photovoltaic system installed at our premises allows us to produce 70% of the energy required for our production processes and eliminate 80,000 kg of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere every year.

Protecting the local environment against the risk of chemical, thermal and acoustic pollution means making the hills around us safer and completes the territorial integration plan the company embarked on in the very years of its existence.

Would you like to know where the material your catalogue is printed on comes from?

Then simply look for the FSC® logo printed on it and enter the code indicated in the "FSC Licence Code" field in its international database

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