Pazzini Stampatore Editore

Pazzini Stampatore Editore is a reliable and trustworthy partner for companies involved in the daily challenge of communications. We offer a complete workflow that ranges from pre-printing to after-sales logistics and stocking services. Our customers choose us because we offer them both quality and specialisation, from pre-prints to large quantities and simple tasks to luxury packaging.

Printing techniques and technology map out an imaginary timeline of progress that runs forever onward

From the hand press to the platen press, the Heidelberg platen to the high–speed cylindrical printer and from Linotype to offset printing and onto today’s hi-tech printing machines: this is a world of history that we stand right at the heart of because we are convinced that nothing that has gone before should ever be completely abandoned.

Since 1886 we have always invested in technology and professional expertise and over the years, to meet the increasingly diverse requirements of our customers, we have consolidated an organizational model that covers four macro areas:

Illuminated Manuscripts

Working in this way, the material we produce is monitored from start to finish as we take care of the entire production cycle. And this allows us to forward the best solutions, handle any unexpected contingencies and optimize costs for our customers.

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