A single PDF, numerous distribution channels

Up until today, the production of a new catalogue focused exclusively on creating art work files for printing. But now we would like to help you take full advantage of material you have already created in order to reach more people, or simply to optimize your investment.

Starting from a print PDF we can now create multimedia publications enhanced with video and audio content that can be enjoyed via the web and on tablets and smartphones

What we are offering

We are offering an all-in-one service consisting of a simple, but cost-effective, web-based solution for transferring the product information from a printed catalogue to the web and new media. This can all be done using the PDF file created to print the original catalogue.

A new tool

Rich flip books are digital versions of PDF documents (catalogues, books, brochures, etc.) that allow the viewer to leaf through their pages, just as if they were a real brochure. They can be consulted using electronic devices, and can also include multimedia contents, such as video and audio material.

Look at the examples on the opposite page to see how you can improve your communications.

Who this service is aimed at

All companies offering product catalogues, instruction manuals, or any other PDF document in order to make the information they contain available to users right across the globe.

Browse your publications anywhere

Rich flip books can be viewed on any device that has an internet connection, and therefore on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

How the service works

We create these flip books for you, put them online, and give you access to a protected control panel from which you can control their publication. You will also be given a personalised web page where your users can view your publications.

From prints to social networks

The flip books are published online, which means you can share them on social networks or use them for (online and offline) advertising campaigns. You can also create a web page on your site and upload your publications to it.

Organize your flip books

If you have a series of flip books, you can sort them into personalized categories so they are easier to find or simply divide the documents into their various language versions so they can be accessed by foreign customers/employees.

Full text search

All the texts in a rich flip book are indexed so you can run word searches quickly and effectively and skip straight to the page required. This function is particularly useful if you are scrolling a price list or a catalogue containing a lot of data.

And if you like, keep your manuals private

You can publish a flip book whenever you want and decide whether to make it public (and therefore available to all users or potential customers) or keep it private (limited only to certified users). This means that you have complete control over who views your publications and decide "who sees what".

Inform the public

When you publish a new catalogue you can also organize newsletters that keep your public up to date with all your news without having to add cumbersome attachments to your emails, but simply by adding a call to action at the end of the text.

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